TBC Boxing Focus Sticks


Treasure Boxing Focus Sticks

A must have for coaches, These focus sticks are designed to improve speed, precision and accuracy both in offence and defence. Constructed using high quality padded material to cushion the impact for the boxer and coach.

The focus sticks have a cushioned end approximatley 5cm deep to allow the coach to jab at the boxer without the risk of injury.



Length: Short
Sleeve length: Long sleeve
Style: Draped
Neckline: Square Neckline
Composition: Polyester 95%, Elastane 5%
Care instructions: Machine wash cold
Description: Powder pink, Solid-color
Imported: Yes
Concept: DIVIDED

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When you choose our boxing merchandise, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a piece of professional boxing heritage. Ashley Theophane, with years of experience in the ring, brings authenticity and a touch of personal triumph to every item. Our gear is designed with the insight only a professional boxer could provide, ensuring quality that's battle-tested and champion-approved.

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