Outreach Projects

Empowering communities through outreach, our initiatives provide invaluable resources and mentorship to young individuals seeking guidance and opportunities for growth. Dedicated to fostering environments where dreams are pursued with resilience and determination, these projects reflect a deep commitment to uplifting and transforming lives. By connecting with the youth on a personal level, these efforts aim to inspire a positive trajectory, emphasizing the importance of hard work, community support, and the pursuit of personal goals. Through collaborative partnerships and community engagement, Our programs strive to create lasting impact, offering a pathway to success for those in need of direction and encouragement.

We are currently working on many different outreach projects to help and elevate our youth.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

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School Talks

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After School Boxing Club

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Sunday Boxing Club

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Doncaster After School Club

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Doncaster School Holiday Camp

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School Holiday Camp

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Send Boxing Club

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Men's Only Boxing

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Female Only Boxing

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Box For Your Future

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Avenues Youth Project

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School Talks

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Boxing Workshop

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Life Coaching

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MCWG community centre

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