Ashley Theophane Treasure Boxing Club


Ashley was based in the USA for 12 years out of his 17 year professional career, where he achieved 50 professional wins with 8 loses and 1 draw. 7 years in New York City at Gleason’s Gym and Starrett City Gym. 5 years in Las Vegas under the guidance of “The Best Ever” Floyd Mayweather in the Mayweather Boxing Club, also known as the Doghouse. Tough and gritty, only the strong survive. This is how Treasure Boxing Club aims to be. Setting ourselves apart from the pack. Something different in the UK. 

Taught by the elite team of boxing trainers, this high-octane class combines elements of boxing with conditioning training, to teach and sharpen boxing skills and improve overall conditioning. Participants will get their fix of hitting a punching bag, improving speed & stamina whilst elevating their heart rate and achieving a high calorie burn.

Classes are 60 minutes and ideal for those wanting to introduce boxing into their fitness programme and improve their cardio levels. Suitable for all ages and fitness abilities, classes are fun, fast-paced and exploding with physical and mental benefits.

Our boxing class, focuses on boxing technique whilst delivering a full body conditioning workout. You will cover the essential elements of boxing technique, learning and honing your skills with a variety of drills on individual boxing bags. You will learn specific boxing combinations whilst achieving a phenomenal cardio workout. Suitable for all levels.

Boxing is renowned for being the best method of training for body conditioning due to its physical, demanding nature. Regardless of whether boxing is your chosen sport, or simply a technique you want to learn & develop; our classes will offer each individual the benefits they need - either to improve fitness, achieve a goal, or enhance technique and sharpen skills.

Calorie Burning
Boxing can easily burn as much as 500 calories per session, and due to its high intensity training ability continues to burn calories for hours after the session has ended.

Increased muscle tone - Without bulking up! 
Punching is a fast repetitive action that produces toned taut muscles, in contrast to the slow, controlled, heavy movements involved in body-building or weight lifting.

Build strong bones and ligaments
Resistance training strengthens your bones and reduces the progression of osteoporosis. In boxing, punching bags provide resistance as does the bodyweight exercises you will endure during class.

Increased cardiovascular fitness
Boxing is a full body movement testing your cardiovascular system to the max, forcing your body to adapt and making your heart and lungs work more effectively allowing you to train at a higher intensity, giving an even greater fat burning effect.

Improved muscular endurance
Boxing requires your muscles to contract repeatedly causing the muscles involved to fatigue. With training, your muscles can keep contracting for longer durations without getting tired, allowing you to train harder for longer and ultimately burn more calories.

Improved core stability
Anything that causes your body to become unstable requires your core muscles to work harder to keep you balanced. Boxing requires lots of fast rotational movements and these core muscles will develop to allow you to punch hard without losing your balance.

Improved strength and power
Boxing is the ultimate full body workout. Correctly thrown punches use your legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Punching against resistance causes all of these muscles to contract with more force and speed, developing further your strength and power.

Stress relief
Punching bags will empower you and make you feel really good! Take out the stresses of your normal life in a safe, controlled environment. It will leave you calm and relaxed and ready to tackle whatever curveball life throws at you next!

Improved co-ordination and body awareness
Moving lots of parts at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body. With patience and practice, focus and discipline can transfer over to other sports and activities.

Improved confidence and self-esteem
Mastering the techniques involved in boxing often make people feel pretty good! The better your technique, the more force you can put into your punch. The noise you hear when you land a strong, accurate punch right on the sweet spot of the focus pad is so satisfying!