It's my first time, what do I need to do?
If you never done any Martial Art or any of our classes such as Thai Boxing, Kick Boxing or Boxing, you can just turn up for any intro class. Please be early, nothing else than loose fitted clothing is required.

We will lend you any gear you need for our intro classes. We have changing and shower rooms, but please make sure you bring your own towel. Ko Gym is a non commercial gym so don't expect any steam room or saunas.

All that is required from you is a positive attitude and be prepared to come out your comfort zone.

What equipment do I need?
You are not required to have your own protective equipment to start training, all equipment is provided. However, once you settle into training we suggest you to get your own personal equipment, i.e. Gum Shield, Gloves etc. (we have an in-house shop).

What does it cost?

Individual Lessons:

Adult £10.00
Under 16 years £5.00
Student/Concession £7.00
Amateur class £5-£10
Morning class £5
Ladies class £5


£60 a month unlimited classes, 
12 month contract. 
£600 paid upfront. 2 months free. 
Under 16 years £45.00 /month
Student/Concession £50.00 /month

PT (Personal Trainer):
1 Session P.A.Y.G £60.00
5 Sessions £50.00 (Each)
10 Sessions £40.00 (Each)

Do you offer Personal Training?
Yes we have a specialised team of personal trainers.

At Treasure Boxing Club we offer a range of PT / personal training with highly qualified and experienced coaches.

We can offer technical and fitness sessions as well as nutrition advice
For more info or to book a session please contact us via our Contact page.

1 Single P.A.Y.G £60.00
5 Sessions £50.00 (Each)
10 Sessions £40.00 (Each)

Group Sessions (Spread the Cost)
2 People £60.00
3 People £75.00
4 People £80.00

Is there a timetable?

Yes there is a current timetable with all our different classes.
Please see our timetable section on this website.

Do you have changing rooms and showers?
Yes we have separate changing rooms and showers for both males and females.

Do I have to fight or do I have the option to fight?

You're not required to compete.
However, if you choose to do so we offer training and guidance. Training ranges from very light contact interclubs to professional championship fights.

Is it safe?
Yes it is safe, but there is a element of contact. The level of contact is controlled and carefully supervised. Safety is paramount.

Are there any ladies only classes?
We have Ladies only Classes on Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-10.00, Sunday between 10.00-11.00. All other classes are mixed but divided into different groups depending on age and skill level.


Are there any parking spaces?
There are pay and display meters on surrounding streets.